Post-Mold Graphic decorating was created especially for plastics molders...

Rotational molding Injection molding Compression Molding
Blow molding Thermoforming answer 5 challenges in decorating plastics:

  1. How to obtain graphic adhesion and durability?
  2. How to achieve sharp vibrant multiple colors and designs that sell?
  3. How to decorate without costly capital equipment?
  4. How to decorate curves, textures and inaccessible mold surfaces?
  5. How to eliminate embedded graphic spoilage?

Answers: Use a Post-Mold Graphic product specially formulated for the molded part. Post-Mold Graphic systems include:

  • SoluMark
  • PlastiMark
  • Post-Mold Graphic
  • Post-Mold Graphic XTL
  • AquaMark
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